May. 11th, 2021 02:37 am
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[ Someone has just gotten around to setting this up. ]

Hello! My name's N. I'm not with my transciever or I didn't hear it. Leave me a message and I'll call back. Bye!

[ beep. ]

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Mar. 18th, 2020 12:23 pm
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Am I doing something wrong? Something right? Just want to poke the muse? Feel free to comment here!
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Who: Minato, N
What: Everything's gone bad. New setting for the boys.

Don't tell me if I'm dying )
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[ The feed cuts on to a perhaps familiar face. N looks tired, but otherwise in good health. ]

Ah, Vatheon -- well, first, I just want to say I'm sorry about that newest curse. I...hope I didn't upset anyone too badly, and that everyone's okay now.

[ He hesitates, chewing on his lip in a moment of nervousness, before continuing. ]

But, uh, on a different topic! In the Lower District I've renovated a warehouse and some of the land around it in order to be something of a Pokemon Center. For those that don't know what it is, it's kind of like a veterinary center for Pokemon! But I've made it so that I can help take care of normal animals, too.

I mean, I'm not a doctor, but I can speak to them and I know a lot about them anyway. And I do have medicines and things that can help a lot! I also have a lot of space if they need it.

I'd like to reiterate my offer, as well: I am willing to take care of any animals or beings that may be left behind in Vatheon if you disappear unexpectedly. Just let me know your name and the specifics of who you would like me to care for if you happen to return home.

Well, um, you're all welcome to come by at any point.

Thank you!
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[ Someone has been isolated for a quite a while now. However, when one lives with more animals than one has fingers, unexpected things happen like the SFC getting knocked off the table.

For a good half a minute, the video is nothing but flashes of fur and a spinning view of the ceiling.

Apparently, starfish make good toys.

When the cat gets bored, the video finally stabilizes. For a few more moments there is nothing, and then the sound of soft humming can be heard. N appears, apparently quite enjoying the music filtering through his headphones, and slowly moves from one side of the screen to the other, painting a dingy wall a bright white.
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For all of his friends: Red went home.

[ A few minutes later, there comes another text. ]

It seems that the man named Setsuna has as well, for those who knew him.

[ That is all that is said. For his own part, N forces himself up from Red's bed, where he had spent most of his morning in tears as he listened to the boy's voicemail message over and over again.

He scoops up Red's now trainerless Zorua and ends up tucking him in a carrying bag; the baby is still weaker than his brothers. He has to move, both for his own sanity and because he made a promise.

A half-hour after the texts are sent it is possible to spot N walking home, a Zorua kit sticking his nose out of the shoulder bag he has and a round robot in his arms, 'ears' occasionally fluttering in a strangely sad manner.

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[ The feed flickers on to N, obviously located in the park. If one is observant, they might notice a multitude of changes about the boy. Perhaps the easiest to spot is the gleaming crown on his head that makes him stand regal and tall, posture relaxed even as one hand rests on the hilt of a sword. The next is how his typical wardrobe has suddenly shifted; he is dressed nicely, fashionably even, as if someone with much more style sense than himself picked out his clothing (hint, someone did).

The coo that echoes out of the speakers comes from the large bird perched on his shoulder, eying the SFC with an intelligent gaze.

There are two things the most keen of eyes might take note of: the first is the tint of sadness to N's expression.

The second is the fact that the crown does not completely hide two very feline ears that twitch as N begins to speak.

Someone has taken too much interest in the hats.

For those who did not already know, Locke has left Vatheon. I am caring for Rachel.

[ The Starly coos again, this time in response to her name. ]

...Genrou has now left as well.

[ Pain flashes across N's face, but the nature given to him by the crown keeps his eyes dry. ]

I do not know if they will be back. However, Locke left a note to me...it seems this place only allows that when people have gone home for good.

[ He has to take a deep breath. ]

I apologize to any of their friends. ...I will miss them too.

[ The feed cuts. N places the SFC in his pocket, shoulders slumping ever so slightly now that his duty is done. He shifts to let Rachel take to the air, though he follows her closely, made too wary by the knowledge of the Pokemon thefts that had plagued the week.

As he walks, his newly-acquired tail sways behind him, long fur flicking this way and that as he tries to ignore the very-unkingly instincts that encourage him to pounce upon the Starly himself.

♔ [Video]

Sep. 2nd, 2011 11:03 am
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[ N is on your screens for the first time in a while. Instead of huffy like last time, he looks a little...nervous.

He shifts Purrloin, who is perched on his shoulders, to a more comfortable position, and swallows.

Hello. I just had an...announcement I wanted to make.

My name is N. I am from the world of Pokemon. I can speak to and understand animals and Pokemon both as much as I can people.

I've noticed when people leave Vatheon, sometimes their animal companions go with them, but other times they get left behind. There is no true wilderness in Vatheon, and many 'pets' cannot take care of themselves even if there were.

That is why I wanted to make an offer. As long as I am here, I would be willing to house any animals or other manner of creature who end up left behind. Or any that have already been left. That way you can be assured they will be taken care of.

If you wish me to look out for your disappearance or incapacitation, feel free to contact me. I can be found at the Welcoming Committee throughout the day today, or you can just call.

...thank you.

[ Click. ]


Jul. 19th, 2011 11:53 am
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[ A certain green-haired boy appears on Vatheon's screens, yet again. This time, he is looking healthier, but almost...huffy?

He takes a breath and speaks calmly:

It seems several people were given Eevee eggs to care for. I am glad to see that the little ones are hatching and seem to be doing well.

[ That much, at least, is true. ]

I was wondering how much of an introduction to Pokemon nature and care you were given? While they have many similarities with the animals I have met here, they require some special attention.

[ What he is trying not to come out directly and say is that he has no idea who any of you all are, if you can be trusted, and that he has no faith in Lyra. ]

If anyone has questions, or trouble, I'm willing to teach you about Pokemon. I can also speak directly to your Eevee, and translate any concerns.

[ He also does not say that if he has any concerns, he will be hunting you down personally. ]
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[ Have N on your screens, Vatheon. He is looking quite...rough. His hair does not look like it has been brushed with any particular care anytime recently, he has a few bruises showing here and there around his black undershirt, and rings around his eyes.

When he speaks, his voice is sad.

For anyone that knew Hilda...

It seems she has gone home.

♔ [Text]

Jul. 7th, 2011 11:24 am
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[ If anyone is looking for N, he will not be easy to find. His Pokemon seem to be missing too, though his name still registers on the SFC. However, he does not seem to be answering messages, though one is free to leave one and try their luck.

He does, however, send out short messages to anyone he has made plans to meet with this week, leaving them a short message that simply says: I need to cancel this week. Sorry.

[Private Text to Red] )
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[ N has never been properly introduced to the idea of birthdays, and most of the holidays he has heard of just confuse him. However, the idea of giving gifts to his friends pleases him plenty well, and now seems as good a time as any, to him: his pockets jingle with tokens from both the tournament and his (incredibly late) pay from being part of the Welcoming Committee.

Which is why a few of N's close friends might find a gift on their doorstep, neatly wrapped (though the paper choices may be questionable; it is hard to recognize themed paper when one does not know the holidays in question).

Red )

Hilda )

Minato )

Kanda )

Xion )

Tasuki )

Canada, Jack, and Alice )

[ooc: warning, a little picture heavy.]
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Like Daine, N is an animal/Pokemon/whatevs telepath, and so he has some permissions regarding it right here! If any Pokemon trainers or animal lovers/owners would please let me know how you'd like to deal with it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

And forgive me for any fail at asking I've done. I forgot about my own permissions.
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//Filtered away from Red
[ If one could see him, it would be easy to realize that N is extremely stressed out. However, for the first time since he came here, he only uses voice. Even then, there is a certain quality to it that suggests something is off. For one, you can tell just from his tone that he has to be beet red from embarrassment. ]

I...can-- someone tell me exactly what someone means if they say they are crushing on someone? I really, really need to know the answer and I can't find any good explanation.

I thought this novel might tell me, but, um...

Do people even bend that way?

[ooc: this is backdated to last week, so thought bubbles are still in full force. PokeCast can feel free to do action, as he's in his room.]
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//Filtered to PokeCast, [ Hackability: I just push the filter button ]
Hey everyone! Someone mentioned to me that the people here might like it if I wrote about Pokemon and put the information in the library. It might help people understand our Pokemon even if they aren't from our world.

He wanted legends specifically, but I want to write about more general things too. I was just wondering if any of you wanted to help me. We could all write a section or two and put them all together.

Let me know if you want to help and what you want to write about!

[ Click. ]

//Filtered to Tavros, [ Hackability: What does encoding mean? ]
Hello! I think this is the right name... a boy named Lea told me you were a friend of his, and that you could speak to animals too! I've only met one other person who could, and her name's Daine. She's teaching me to meditate! Which is kind of boring but I think I'm getting better --

Um we can talk about that later! But I wanted to meet you. Call me back!

[ Click. ]
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I mean, people can change their name, I think. Like you can get your nickname changed.

[ The reason for the SFC transmitting this video is immediately clear. A big, green feline eye peers out of the screen. Purrloin is once again messing with her favorite toy. The voice is N, who is apparently having a conversation with another of his Pokemon. ]

N isn't a real name. At least, not really. It is my name, but that is not the point. I don't have a last name any more, either. That just makes it worse.

[ Purrloin moves, apparently bored with the situation now, to reveal N standing at a whiteboard he has brought home from one of the shops. He's got a heavy book in his hands, and is writing down a problem for it on the board. ]

[ As soon as he is done he starts to solve it, working easily as he continues to talk. He has had a tumultuous few weeks, and now has retreated from the chaos that is human social life. This is relaxation for him, numbers and identities, puzzles where everything has a correct place and there is no subjectivity. Here, he is in his element. ]

I don't know what I'd change it to, though. I've never really thought about it. Maybe something that still starts with a N?


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